About us

Aski was born in 2015 from an idea of Marco Ascheri, who combines his own surname with two of his great passions: skiing and wolfs.

Our main activity consists in producing the latest technical equipment for skiing, with the dynamic spirit of a start-up and the know-how of an industry leader.

Our team is specialized in composite materials, such as carbon and kevlar, focused on the production of skis with the innovative CarbonShell technology, carbon fibre thermoplastic matrix.

Marco Ascheri & Zarek


The Project

Analysing the geometries of the best "race" skis, the first aim was to create a ski that was safe in icy snow conditions; an advanced or backward disequilibrium would not ensure a transversal line downhill, with difficulty in carving on a hard base.

Our ski has been developed with the concept of variable geometries: the "Flap tilting" with the particular double curved tip behaves like an actual mobile wing, its reacts without vibrations due to the pressure exerted by the skier; the "Dynamic camber" allows to move from single axis to double curvature, to optimise the grip on any type of snow.

In order for the ski to exert the ideal pressure on the sliding surface it is necessary to align the shoe centre with the centre of the axis (Skileg Axis Concentric).

Carbon skis

Full carbon skis